Three Things You Learned This Weekend? (Part 35)

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Everyone saw the Premiership matches they cared about, and it’s a rather lengthy process trudging through the match reports of every club that matters little to you – especially if you’re still carrying the stench of defeat.

So instead, after every round of matches here’s the chance for everyone to share the three things they learned from the weekend’s Premiership football. A sort of cheatsheet, only with more profanity. To see what folks learned last time, click here.

This week it could be that while one end of the Premiership table is decided, at least West ham and Sheffield United are keeping things interesting, that we know exactly what Jose Mourinho will say if Liverpool beat them in the Champions League but we’re dying to hear what he’ll say upon losing his first Premier League title, that Tottenham have the most shockingly organised defense, that maybe Chris Coleman really wasn’t the problem at Fulham, that Mark Hughes and Roy Keane will make for a fantastic battle of the Ferguson successors next season, or that we’re excited to see whether Fat Sam can do it again.

And as a refresher, here is the list of the weekend’s results:

Reading 1-0 Newcastle
Arsenal 3-1 Fulham
Blackburn 4-1 Charlton
Chelsea 2-2 Bolton
Everton 2-4 Man Utd
Man City 0-2 Aston Villa
Middlesbro’ 2-3 Tottenham
Portsmouth 2-1 Liverpool
Sheff Utd 1-0 Watford
Wigan 0-3 West Ham