Jose Mourinho Is A Lah-Hoo-Sah

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We are very disappointed in Jose Mourinho.

Not because he’s almost certainly about to lose the Premiership to Manchester United despite spending more than anyone else.

Not because he lost in the Champions League to Liverpool despite spending more than anyone else.

But because he has yet to launch the epic moan we were all expecting.

“I respected Liverpool always in my words. I don’t need to say more and today I think the best team was Chelsea,” he told ITV.

“It is a moment when everybody has to be strong.

“They (the Chelsea players) have a lot of reasons to be proud. They did a great run in the Champions League.

“We were the best team today, even against a team only playing for the Champions League.

“In extra-time we were the only team who tried to win, but football is like that and the penalty shoot-out is part of the game.”

The only team that tried to win, lost. Liverpool were more defensive in the extra time, launching long ball after long ball, but Mourinho is hardly one to complain about pragmatic football tactics and putting the result over the performance. Wait, sorry, he’s exactly the one to complain about that.

Mourinho is meticulous in his preparation and we’d guess he didn’t want to go to penalties because he knew Pepe Reina has a long-standing reputation as a penalty saver even while playing in Spain. If the keepers were reversed, we reckon Jose wouldn’t have been quite so gung ho about getting that winning goal.

But we’ve always maintained we’re big fans of Mourinho, mouth and all, and Roman Abramovich would be making an epic mistake if he sacks him. Even if, this season, he is a lah-hoo-sah.