Is Stuart Pearce To Blame For Manchester City Psychos?

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They say a team tends to pick up the traits of its manager, and this Premiership football cliche seems to be coming off in spectacular fashion at Manchester City.

Joey Barton’s troubles are well documented, Ben Thatcher tried to kill Portsmouth’s Pedro Mendes, and just a little bit ago Michael Ball went out of his way to blatantly stamp on Cristiano Ronaldo’s midsection after the ball was gone just a few minutes in against Manchester United. Neither the referee nor the linesman saw the incident, and somehow Ball has gotten away with another half dozen or so hacks at Ronaldo without a booking, but that should change in the second half after Rob Styles gets a peek at the telly. A nice lengthy ban should be forthcoming.

Justice was done as Cristiano skinned Ball with some stepovers, winning a penalty in the process, and merely highlighted the kind of determination and nerve that has earned him every single player award so far this season.

But while Stuart “Psycho” Pearce has appeared extremely calm and subdued in his managerial career, even throwing in some weird stuffed toy horse business, but his players have consistently lashed out like absolute nutters. It’s not an isolated incident, or two, or three, but many many more. It’s at the point where we either Stuart Pearce doesn’t have the balls to discipline his player possibly, or he’s quite pleased with his fellow Psycho’s and the nice-guy business during Sky interviews is all an act.