Harry Kewell Ready To Benefit From Other People’s Hard Work

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We thought that the 3rd Annual Harry Kewell Experience was going to happen back in March, but turns out the Australian winger wanted to make us, and Liverpool, wait just that bit longer.

But with the Champions League final looming, Harry might just be ready to pop up to help out a bit,

‘I didn’t expect him to play another game this season but it’s good that he came on against Fulham and got some game time,’ Finnan said.

‘He’s been out for a long time and it’s like having a new player coming back. Who knows, he could play a big part for us in the final. He’s a very valuable player to have in the squad.’

Finnan added: ‘I think he was just trying to recover as best as he could and was targeting pre-season. But he gives us great balance on the left-hand side.

‘There’s a lot of competition in the side but it’s good to have him back and it couldn’t have come at a better time with the final coming up.

Huzzah! We have no idea what Kewell does the rest of the year, but we bet it’s a lot of fun.