Mark Gonzalez Battles Harry Kewell To Be Liverpool’s Laziest Man

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There used to be this thing called Ambition. It wouldn’t let you sit by idly while others got the glory, and it certainly wouldn’t let you take the easy road when faced with an obstacle.

Not Liverpool winger Mark Gonzalez, he’s just happy to be in the general vicinity of success as he was against Chelsea in the Champions League,

“I’m very happy with Liverpool’s win over Chelsea, because it allowed us to reach the final,” he says. “Even though I did not play, I’m proud of having being chosen to be on the bench.

“I have never experienced anything like it in my life. To reach this final is like winning a championship. I have no doubt this is the happiest moment of my career.”

No wonder Rafa Benitez loves him. For a coach who loves to rotate, there’s nothing better than a player who ‘s that easy to please. Other than one who doesn’t even turn up for the matches at all until they get important.