Eriksson For Newcastle

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We may not have the full story on Freddy Shepard, but the managerial competition at Newcastle is prety clear cut.

Another big name has been firmly thrown into the hat for Newcastle United manager’s job, as Sven’s agent and so-nearly hilariously named Athole Still all but begged Freddy Shepard to make an approach on Sky,

“Have we been in discussions with Newcastle? No.

“However I was asked, would he be interested. Newcastle is a huge club, with a wonderful stadium and fantastic fans so naturally if a club like that made an approach to Sven then clearly he would be interested in talking to them but nothing has happened.”

Eriksson has been a much more successful club manager than he was with England, which wouldn’t be hard considering he won nothing, and is still one of the most respected and sought after managers in world football despite the “bumbling idiot” image that the English press and fans have created for him.

If Allardyce is the man to rebuild a struggling club, Eriksson is the one with the pedigree to make a champion. For once, it’ll be quite difficult for the Geordie owners to screw this one up (Fat Sam would be our choice).