Ferguson Plotted Drogba’s Death

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One of the big Premiership stories, other than which mug will be unfortunate enough to get sacked by Newcastle next, is the future of Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov. Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson isn’t going to make Spurs supporters any more comfortable after he heaped praise on Chelsea striker Didier Drogba, and generally moaned about how hard it is to find quality strikers,

“I kept saying to people, `Will somebody please shoot Drogba!'” says Sir Alex.

“His performances were unbelievable. He carried their team, I thought, and he kept getting these incredible goals.

“Like the one at Everton with the last kick of the ball. That was incredible. But he had to play all the games because they couldn’t leave him out.”

“I remember us watching Drogba. The price was about £24m. That was a lot at the time. He had only had one season in Marseille.

“But they took the risk and paid for him. He is a powerful lad, a massive physique. He has strength and plays every game. You look around the world and ask yourself where the strikers are? There are not a lot of them around.”

That “there’s not a lot of them around” bit has “Right, time to bid 40m for Berbatov” written all over it. Although if Berbatov’s agent is telling the truth, and there is absolutely no reason to assume he is, then Ferguson is going to be wishing he stumped up that £24m for Drogba… or had him killed.