Freddy Shepard Threatens Michael Owen

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We asked Newcastle supporter’s exactly what the problem with Freddy Shepard was, but we’re beginning to see the light ourselves.

The club chairman, in an attempt to win over ex-Liverpool striker Michael Owen amid transfer rumours linking him to the the biggest Premiership clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, has spoken out,

“These suggestions will not impress our fans after what has happened in the last couple of years,” Shepherd told the Daily Express.

“The loyalty this club has shown him over the last two years when he had injury problems in his first season and has missed virtually all of this season deserves something in return.”

“I’m telling Michael he has two choices: he either comes out and tells our fans, who have taken him to their hearts, that he is happy here – or I tell him that not one of the big four clubs, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool, are interested in him. Because that is the case.

“He has had a really serious injury and no one, least of all one of the biggest clubs, is likely to take a risk at this stage.

“He has to prove himself to everyone, himself and Newcastle United included, that he is fully recovered and not about to break down again.”

We can only assume that Michael has refused to come out and say he’s staying at Newcastle, since Freddy said if that was the case he would tell the striker that none of the big clubs were interested in him – which he just did to the whole country.

We’re not arguing that Owen needs to prove his health before really regaining his reputation and value, but ol’ Freddy could probably have been a bit more diplomatic about it. Demanding your star striker speak out and threatening to basically make fun of him is bit strange – and the fact that it’s done through the press screams of a chairman looking to deflect attention from himself.