Gartside Doubts Whether Newcastle Are Bigger Than Bolton

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The prevailing wisdom behind Sam Allardyce’s decision to leave Bolton, apparently for Newcastle, was that the Geordie’s were the “bigger club”. Fans, money, stadium, potential, players were all thought to be in the Magpie’s favour.

But Bolton chairman Phil Gartside isn’t sure that’s the best gauge of the modern Big Club,

“I think you have to be careful how you define a bigger club,” Gartside told The Sun. “Newcastle have under-achieved for some time.

“I agree they have a bigger fan base. But history shows Bolton and Newcastle are similar in some respects.

“It’s a long time since we won anything. But I think it’s the same for them.

“If you define a club as bigger because they get 50,000 every game, I can’t argue with that. But there aren’t many alternatives around.

“We have seven Premiership clubs round our necks, one of which, Manchester United, is the biggest in the country, if not the world.”

Gartside makes a reasonable point, potential for success can be just as important to players as any other factor and Bolton are lucky that, in Sam Allardyce, they have a manager who is making them compete with the big boys. He is the heart and soul of the club and as long as he is there they will be able tell any player that they are a team on the up.

What? Oh yeah…