Mark Hughes Says Forget Berbatov, McCarthy Is Your Man

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Generally a smaller Premiership club is happy when a star performer managers to float under the press radar, reducing the chance of unsettling a player or inviting a bidding war. Tottenham fans grow uneasier by the day as more and more speculation linking Dimitar Berbatov to Manchester United floods in.

Blackburn boss Mark Hughes, though, is happy to pipe up and argue that his star goalscorer – Benni McCarthy – has been in even better form,

“They are saying Berbatov is worth £30million – so from that you can do the maths on how much Benni is worth. Berbatov has had a great season – but not as good as Benni,” Hughes told the Sun.

“I say that because Benni didn’t cost anything like as much money and he has scored a lot more league goals.”

“Benni’s got a goal tally that hasn’t been achieved at this club since Alan Shearer.

“That shows how long Blackburn Rovers have been looking for a quality striker like Benni who is able to score on a regular basis.”

“There will always be people checking but he’s not available – full stop.”

So don’t forget, while Dimitar Berbatov has had a great season – Benni is an even better option if you’re after a striker. He’s good in the air, get’s goals, provides good link up play and despite what Hughes claims, is probably going to be cheaper than the Spurs striker because of his age.

Bids ahoy!