Wigan Call West Ham Liars. Give It Up, Already!

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Wigan aren’t leaving the Premiership without a fight. Not on the pitch mind, where they’ve not fought particularly well the last few weeks, but in seeking any other reason for their drop. Chairman Dave Whelan has been especially vocal to the press and, apparently, behind the scenes as well.

In a letter to Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore, obtained by The Times, Whelan wrote that on 1st May:

“You clearly stated that the West Ham chief executive looked you square in the eye and told you blatant lies regarding the contracts of the Argentinean players.

“Are you being told lies again?

“In your e-mail of May 8 sent to all Premier League clubs, you state that assurances were received in a satisfactory form from West Ham.

“Surely the contract can only be terminated by both parties?

“Could we and the rest of the Premier League please see concrete evidence, ie, written confirmation that this contract had been cancelled by both parties and furthermore, was this termination actually completed before Saturday, April 28, the day West Ham played Tevez at the JJB Stadium?”

No matter how suspicious Wigan, Sheffield United and Charlton are they probably should just give it up. The Premiership wouldn’t have ruled that they are ok with Tevezcherano’s registration without a thorough check since the threat of legal action has been looming for a while. They’re certainly not going to re-arrange the league table and, at best, they’ll get a very small amount of compensation but we doubt even that.

Best for all concerned if they focus on things like not leaving Mark Viduka completely unmarked at free kicks.