Chelsea’s Injury Complaint Makes Everyone Laugh

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Much has been made about Chelsea’s injury problems, but after losing his Premiership title at least Jose Mourinho seeing the lighter side of things when asked about his line up for the FA Cup final against Manchester United.

With Andriy Shevchenko, Michael Ballack, Ricardo Carvalho and Arjen Robben all injured and Ashley Cole and John Obi Mikel looking doubtful, Mourinho was asked about who he’d slap on the bench,

“If Ashley is ready we have 15 players for the final,” Mourinho said. “I will have to choose between Hilario, because he is not bad playing forward, or I’ll bring one of the kids to make 16.”

A keeper up front, what a great vote of confidence for Chelsea’s youngsters. Speaking of which, Jose is clearly unhappy with how the club’s youth academy has been progressing, but having to play your youngsters when first team players are injured is hardly something new to the rest of the Premiership. Middlesbrough, Arsenal and Newcastle have had to throw some untested players into the water for plenty of important games this season.

It’s hard to feel any sympathy for Chelsea. They’ve spent hundreds of millions of pounds on their playing squad, but now may actually have to have some youth players on the bench?

Oh dear!