Rafa Benitez Doesn’t Like Being Called “Sh*t On A Stick”

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Well, put this in the “Somewhat Obvious” category, but Rafa Benitez isn’t too pleased about Jorge Valdano’s comments that watching Chelsea play Liverpool was like putting a piece of poop on a stick in the middle of a stadium,

“I believe that he has shown a lack of respect to the club and the fans and the sacred stage of Anfield. Speaking of “sh*t hanging from a stick” and other unfair comparisons show he has absolutely no knowledge of the historical reality of this organisation in world football.

“I have known Jorge Valdano for more than 20 years since my time at Real Madrid and I do not have the best professional concept of him.

“I believe that he has much to thank to people like Ramon Martinez, Cappa or Giráldez, to mention only some examples, of trainers or sporting directors he’s worked like.

“These are people who have made a bigger contribution.”

Benitez’ battles with Jose Mourinho have proved his mettle when it comes to media outbursts, so it was good to see the Premiership well represented as Rafa defended his position before taking a solid, personal swipe at Valdano.