William Gallas: The Opposite Of An Arsenal Legend

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William Gallas, or Willy Galls to his friends, was a prized asset last season and to the neutral supporter it seemed that his move from Chelsea to Arsenal was one of passion. To be at a club that appreciated him, with a French manager who would let him play in his favoured position in the middle of defense, and to make the kind of money that most felt he deserved.

Not so! A season of injuries later, plenty of games at left back, and no trophies it turns out that the latter was what Willy Gallas turned up for all along,

I will be able to answer next year whether Arsenal match up to the challenge I left Chelsea for,” he told the Sun.

“My season was too spoiled by injury. I want to stay another year to have a full one with this club.

“Football lasts only so long. In a career plan, everyone wants to play for the greatest clubs. It is true this is a dream of mine.

“Whether it is in one, two or five, I do not know. These things come along by themselves. If I have to leave England, I will do so.”

It is great that he’s committed himself for another year so that he can put his, err…football where his mouth is? That doesn’t sound right. Anyway, most of Gallas’ moans have been hard to argue with for the most part – kids were too young, the medical staff sucks, need some experienced players, need to work on their finishing, should have probably marked Alex on set pieces. But if playing for the biggest clubs was #1 on his list of things to do with his football career, we just hope that “Be a fan favourite” wasn’t #2.