Darren Bent’s Best Future: Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal Or West Ham?

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One of the biggest transfer stories this summer will be the future of Charlton striker Darren Bent. Already there are endless stories linking him with Premiership clubs far and wide with the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham and West Ham at the front and talks of 15 million bids on the table.

But where he will end up is far less interesting than where he should end up. And similar to a few transfer windows ago when you engaged in a lengthy discussion about where Theo Walcott should have gone, we want to know which club is Darren Bent better off at?

Is it at Tottenham where he’d likely join Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane (with Defoe buggering off to Portsmouth) and get a chance to become a part of that 60-70 goal striker rotation? The fifth placed club the last two seasons and currently best placed to challenge the Big Four? He’s rumoured to have been an Arsenal supporter as a boy, and we all know how that has absolutely no effect whatsoever could affect things.

Is it at West Ham? The opposite end of the spectrum last season and saved from relegation on the last day. But former boss Alan Curbishley will have his ear and got plenty of goals out of Bent while at Charlton. The Hammers may have been utter crap last season, but will be much better next year with new confidence and plenty of new signings.

Is it at Liverpool? Where, apparently, Rafa Benitez could use even more options up front. Bent would get his best shot at winning some medals, playing for England, and also enjoying that special feeling every striker loves when he scores a hattrick one match and then is rotated out of the lineup completely for the next.

Is it at Arsenal? A proven finisher for a club that whose attempts at finishing is best viewed to the Benny Hill theme tune? 15 million is not beyond what Wenger will have at his fingers this summer.

Or is it at an entirely new Premiership home? Newcastle have just two truly class strikers, and both are rumoured to be on their way out. Portsmouth have cash to burn and have been knocking on the top 6 door for a while, plus they have that mental bloke with the hat and the drums.

Proven goalscorers are the rarest commodity, especially these days when 20 odd will get you top billing on the Premiership charts. So who deserves to be a bit Bent?