Good News For Newcastle, Freddy Shepherd Is Going Nowhere.

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If there’s one thing Newcastle supporters love, it’s their chairman Freddy Shepherd. He’s done nothing but good things for the club, and the fans just can’t get enough of him.

So it can only be incredibly joyous news and music to their ears that he has no intention whatsoever of selling his stake in the club,

“I’m not selling,” said Shepherd in the Daily Mirror. “It’s an impossible club to buy.

“If the Halls don’t sell and I don’t sell there’s no way anybody can buy this club.

“The both of us need to agree to sell or nobody will ever buy it without getting the 75 per cent.

“I can’t comment on possibly buying the Halls’ stake.”

We’re sure the Geordies will be glad they can show him the same vocal support for his reign next season as they did the past few years. Huzzah!