Is Mark Gonzalez Worth Keeping At Liverpool?

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Liverpool and Chile winger Mark Gonzalez doesn’t seem too confident about his future at the club:

“I have a three-year contract, but you never know what might happen,” Gonzalez told the Liverpool Echo.

“This is football and if I have to go somewhere else then I will have to deal with that.

“But at the moment I’m here and I’m very focused for the final and what happens in the future will come.

“If I have to go then I will go, but I will arrive there with confidence because I have been at Liverpool and I must have been there for something.

“I would like to stay at Liverpool next season and beyond. But it has not been the best year for me and I know I can do more.”

Liverpool went through a lot to get Gonzalez, fighting over work permits and eventually letting him spend time on loan at Real Zaragoza before bringing him over to the Premiership. But other than running really fast, he’s yet to show his true quality as a footballer. 25 appearances and 2 goals, he’s not made the impact on the left wing many hoped for despite not even having to compete with Harry Kewell at all this season.

Then again, he is young, has only had a season to get settled and is just happy to be at the club whether he’s playing or not.