John Terry Throwing A Strop At Chelsea

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Oh no!

The Premiership’s transfer window hasn’t even opened yet and already it’s silly season. The utter toss incredibly reliable Daily Mail reporting that “a source” has told them John Terry is so unhappy with his wage packet that he “could” hand in a transfer request after the FA cup final against Manchester United.

Want to see the infallible quote? Why of course:

“I was told his agent is saying Terry could put in a written transfer request days after the FA Cup Final.”

Stone cold facts. Anyway, the only way Terry will leave Chelsea is if, a huuuge IF, – in addition to the club refusing to pay him the wage he wants – Mourinho goes first and tries to bring him somewhere like Real Madrid. If Mourinho goes, and Terry goes, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Franky Lamps buggering off to Barcelona either to appease that Catalan wife of his. An exodus that sounds ridiculous, but these days isn’t quite as unlikely given the amount of tension there seems to be between Abramovich, Frank Arnesen, and Jose Bose.

The club would then have serious cause to worry… until they spent another couple hundred million.