Wigan Sacked The Man Who Saved Their Club

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Wow, talk about a cutthroat start to Dave [Ed: Err.. Chris] Hutchings reign at Wigan. Just a few days after David Unsworth stepped up to bag the penalty that kept Wigan in the Premiership, Hutchings decided to release him in some sort of McClaren-axing-Beckham type move to kick things off.

Hutchings commented on the new regime,

“The beauty of the situation is that we can start work right away, and that continuity is assured exactly the same way as if Paul was still here.

“I can start planning for next season, thinking about new players, and deciding on the futures of out-of-contract players.

“There’s no delay. The work starts now.

“I will be sitting down with each and every one of our players, those in contract and those out of contract, and discussing their situation, my ideas for them and listening to their ideas.”

We wonder how that conversation with Unsworth went. “Thanks for that lovely penalty. Now f**k off.” In all seriousness, it’s just smart football management not to let such emotional moments get in the way of what has to be done, especially for a club that just staved off relegation.

Good on you Hutchsy!