Tevez Confirms He Wants To Play For A European Giant

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After hurling himself shirtless into the West Ham fans after scoring his first Premiership goal against Tottenham, there was a glimmer of hope that he might actually be enjoying himself enough to stay at the club.

But Carlos Tevez has, well, kinda confirmed he’ll be buggering off for greener pastures this summer,

“First of all, I must say that I don’t know anything about Real Madrid, but if there are rumours it must be because there is something true in all that,” said Tevez at a press conference in Buenos Aires.

“The Spanish and the Italian leagues haven’t finished yet, and even in England the giant teams are playing a final, so I don’t think they will be thinking at this moment of making an offer for any player.

“Despite any offer that could arrive, what I want to say is that West Ham has the priority.

“Now I think it’s the time to change to a new team, a European giant.

“I have already spoken about that with my agent and with Kia, but I repeat that the priority belongs to West Ham because they have been incredible with me.

“They have treated me and Mascherano in a great way since the first day we arrived in England.

“Kia is my friend, he is also a friend of my family and the owner of my transfer, and we always decide together everything that I do in my career.”

We’re a bit thrown off by the fact that he’s said West Ham has the priority for him, yet it’s time to change to a new team.

When If he does go, we imagine there won’t be any hard feelings, and probably a healthy dose of the word “legend”, from the West Ham supporters towards the man who kept them up virtually single handedly. He’s been linked with Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool but after all the talk about getting his legs eaten and how tough the defenders are in England – he’s probably off somewhere less physical.