Mido: I Made A Mistake Signing For Tottenham

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A sentiment sure to be echoed by any Tottenham supporter who saw Mido play this season as though he just got out of bed after an all night binge of booze, fried chicken, and full fat cream. Hopes were high for the Egyptian when he began the Premiership season in shape after losing 300 odd pounds, but then it all went pear shaped (literally),

“The hard times started with me making the wrong decision. I made a big mistake when I signed permanently for Spurs. This is the first time that I announce this and I know that this could result in problems but it is the truth and I have to say it.

“Firstly, I spent a very good loan period at Tottenham. We ended fifth and qualified for Europe and I was one of the top scorers together with Robbie Keane.

“At the end of the season, I had many options. I had the option to return to Roma which is a very big team and they ended second in the Calcio and I also had other choices. Officials at Roma begged me to stay and so did my agent Mino Raiola but I decided against all their advice to sign permanently for Spurs.

“I wanted to join Tottenham because I loved the club and wanted to be there, particularly in London, and so did my family. It wasn’t the best decision I’ve made and I am not going to repeat these kind of mistakes again.”

“I am contracted for four years with Tottenham. But if I get a good offer, then I will be in another place next season.”

Poor Midsy. Neither he nor anyone at Spurs probably anticipated Dimitar Berbatov becoming as undroppable as he did, and Mido is a genuinely talented footballer who did have a couple of half decent matches where he set up or scored important goals. He’s simply not the kind of striker who will do well or stay sharp if he isn’t playing regularly, something Tottenham really should have known from his loan period.