Curbishley Thinks Mascherano Should Thank Him For Some Reason

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West Ham boss Alan Curbishley, probably still on a raging bender after keeping West Ham in the Premiership, reckons Javier Mascherano owes him thanks for letting the Argentinian join Liverpool and possibly play in tomorrow’s Champions League final,

“When I came in as manager at Christmas, Mascherano was on the floor. Tevez was a bit more upbeat because he had been involved and could see a chink of light. Mascherano couldn’t.

“Before the transfer window opened we had a couple of weeks training but he got food poisoning and injured his ankle and I didn’t see that much of him.

“The opportunity came for him to move on and it was in the best interests of everybody.

“He has gone into a different set-up there, it was a fight against relegation or a Champions League campaign. He has gone and grabbed his chance and perhaps he will turn around to me one day and say thanks.

“He had come into the club with great expectations and it hadn’t worked out.

“It is a football thing. It happens all the time, it was difficult for them both to settle.”

All of that makes sense except the bit about Mascherano turning around and thanking Curbishley and West Ham. If the deal was “in the best interests of everybody” then surely they’re even? Either way, we’re guessing Javier has already forgotten who West Ham are and probably blocked the whole experience out – especially since the most interesting part was getting bitten by Tottenham’s Jermain Defoe.