Who Got The Better Southampton Wonderkid, Arsenal Or Tottenham?

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There’s what you might call a friendly rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham supporters, and there are few Premiership fans who like a good debate, argument, or virtual fist fight than the Londoners. That said, Tottenham’s all-but-official signing of Southampton left back Gareth Bale yet again ties their fates together after Arsenal’s similarly priced acquisition of one Theo Walcott last season.

Arsene Wenger beat off plenty of suitors to secure Walcott, and Martin Jol and company have successfully outbid Manchester United. But both players are very raw, Theo looked pacey but inconsistent while Bale has looked fantastic in the lower leagues and on YouTube. There’s no doubting that both lads are among the most highly rated for their age to come along for a while.

That said, we’re more curious what Southampton supporters, or anyone who has actually seen both these lads play regularly, think about these two highly priced teenagers Which player looked more likely to make it in the Premiership? Which was a bargain and which was a waste of money? Or are they both equally set for stardom once they mature?