What’s Wrong With Manchester City?

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We’re not afraid of admitting defeat and, without a CaughtOffside Manchester City staff writer, we’re just saying we need a little help.

The club has long been the hideous sister of Manchester United, clinging instead for dear life to its supposed title of Manchester’s “true” Premiership representative. The Everton to Liverpool, the Tottenham to Arsenal – yet Everton and Tottenham have still managed to do themselves proud every now and then while City has wallowed in mediocrity. City’s very big, very lovely stadium and good base of supporters suggests they should have the money and success far beyond what they’ve achieved the past billion years or so. It’s all very confusing.

That said, it seems the club will be taken over any day now and names like Sven Goran Eriksson and Claudio Ranieri are being thrown about to replace Stuart “My Managerial Strategy Relies On A Stuffed Horse” Pearce. Good times seem to be on the horizon and we want to jump in before all the plastics arrive.

So we’re asking for articles from you, the readers, explaining what seems to have gone wrong at Manchester City in recent times and what is needed to fix it. You can either stick it in a word document or in the body of an email to editor[at]caughtoffside[dot]com. Or dump your thoughts in the comments if you’re too lazy.