LA Galaxy Make Everyone Laugh

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David Beckham’s new bosses at the LA Galaxy appear to be torn over whether there may be some value in allowing the former Manchester United player to go out on loan,

Alexi Lalas, Club President and Ginger, said,

“We always consider possibilities that will make the player better as a soccer player and therefore make him a much more valuable asset because of that experience of going to play with another team on loan, or if we felt it made proper business sense and it is usually a combination of the two,” Lalas said on Sky Sports News.

But the team’s coach, Frank Yallop, is understandably less enthusiastic about losing the only player on his team capable of juggling the ball more than 3 times,

“We have a long season and a long pre-season, so he will need the break at the end of our season in October or November,” said Yallop.

“We will need to give him a break and he will need a test, so I don’t see any loan deals going on with David.”

We really hope Lalas wasn’t serious about letting Becks on loan to gain experience because, well, it’s the LA bloody Galaxy who probably are benefiting from his in this deal. The “business sense” part doesn’t seem to play into things here either, since if Becks is out on loan in the Premiership then what the hell is the Galaxy going to get other than the worst wage structure in history?