Curbishley Spotted With New West Ham Signing? (With Dodgy Photo)

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The Premiership transfer window is known as “Silly Season” to most supporters, and here’s a great example of why.

The West Ham lads over at are having a bit of fun over the above camera photo posted to the forum with the accompanying story:

Missus just phoned, curbs is in waltham abbey hotel at this very moment with a player. She is useless but says the player looks foreign. Have told her to go and ask curbs who the f*** t is.

This is no bullsh*t !!

The bloke in the middle is Alan Curbishley, and the odd looking chap to his right is meant to be the potential new Hammer. Most of the thread is tongue in cheek, but some guesses like Everton’s Mikel Arteta (err…) and “he looks Asian” must be applauded for taking it all in stride.

The thread makes for some great reading whether you’re a West Ham supporter or not. The best guess we saw was one lad’s use of amateur digital imaging to determine that the bloke in question is Liverpool’s Harry Kewell (see below)