Frank Lampard Doesn’t Understand Why Everyone Hates Him

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Chelsea star midfielder and England craptacular midfielder Frank Lampard is trying to remain upbeat after yet another round of boos were hurled his way while on International duty,

“It’s part of playing for England I suppose, but a year ago I won their player-of-the-year award two times on the spin,” he said. “That’s how English football is. I remember when people wanted David Beckham out of the team and he got a hero’s welcome [at Wembley] because he’s a great player and keeps working hard.

“That’s what happens in football. It’s not helpful to the team and the players. It’s a bit upsetting and you have to be big enough to take that – I know from the World Cup, where I didn’t score when people expected me to. So I’m fighting to get back in there, knocking the goals in again. Friday wasn’t the day for me to do that personally, but hopefully there will be those games in the future.”

So don’t boo the ex-West Ham man, after all he did win Player of the Year two times in a row, plays for Chelsea, is holding out for a 100k+ a week contract.

There is no reason to hate him.

At all.