Insane Consortium Target Leeds, Arsenal Buyout

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Beware, ye Premiership billionaires, for there could soon be another consortium-driven buyout coming to the football world – but this time it’s purely supporter-driven.

Will Brooks, a former footy magazine writing/managing bloke, has set up where he is asking for 50,000 fans to pledge £ 35 towards the buyout of a football club (which is currently being voted on). Sound dumb? Well, so far 33,629 fans have registered which means £ 1,375,000 has been pledged so far (pledged, not donated yet). Not bad at all.

The idea is that the new club will be democratically run by the fans/owners. A coaching staff will be in place to interface with everyone via video updates to the website but transfers and tactics will be voted on by the 50,000 owners. A good idea if we ever heard it, and if the more owners they can round up the better. 500,000 donations would mean that £14,000,000 would be available for transfers each year apparently. Putting them up there in the same range as the likes of Blackburn, Portsmouth, Everton or Manchester City.

So far the voting has been interesting too. Fallen giants like Leeds United, Nottingham Forest and… err… Cambridge currently top the list but until recently Arsenal was second. We knew the finances at the London club were tight with the new stadium and all, but we reckon it’ll take a teeny bit more than a million pounds to take control.

Still, a good idea and if it comes off a truly revolutionary one.