Premiership Transfer Rumours: Tevez, Huntelaar, Bellamy, Nolan, Beattie/Mido, Koumas, de Jong, Nugent, Yakubu and Reo-Coker

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The world of Premiership transfer gossip is full of nonsense, but some nonsense is more interesting that the other nonsense. Speculation is rife in the likes of the Mirror, Daily Mail, Times, Sun and… err… Tribal Football all do their best to predict and/or completely make up the future.

Here’s our opinion on the Premiership transfer rumours we’ve read in the papers and around the net… and if you have any thoughts, pop em in the comments.

CaughtOffside Says:
See here

CaughtOffside Says: Oops, there goes that theory.

CaughtOffside Says: Tevez or Huntelaar? Two quite different players, just depends whether you think you want quality backup for Louis Saha or Wayne Rooney. Huntelaar is the unknown entity out of the two, but the last goal machine from the Dutch leagues did quite well.

CaughtOffside Says: Barton? Bellamy? Allardyce will either be heralded as the greatest man manager of all time if he gets the most out of more troubled lads, or he’ll be pelted with eggs for executing the worst transfer policy of all time.

CaughtOffside Says: It will be interesting to see how Nolan does at another club. He’s sort of a poor man’s Frank Lampard – looks great in a team built around his abilities. If Nolan really wants to make an England claim, he’d better join a more ambitious squad and show he can do more than fire home Kevin Davies’ knockdowns.

CaughtOffside Says: 6m for Jason Koumas? Why does that sound so stupid? Because it is.

CaughtOffside Says: Another fantastic insult delivered to his former employers. Defoe scored 18 goals last season, starting more Premiership games than Robbie Keane, so his unhappiness at Spurs is clearly a bit of media nonsense.

CaughtOffside Says: Bruce wants Beattie…AND Mido? Well maybe the feeling of winning a title was so good that he wants to get relegated so he can do it all again. The slowest, fattest strikeforce in the league is a good start.

CaughtOffside Says: Quality player and flexible, O’Neill has a good squad of versatile players and if the price is right de Jong would have more potential than Reo Coker.

CaughtOffside Says: See above, especially at 10 bloody million. If your scouting network can’t find you anyone that can perform as Reo-Coker does for less than 10 million then you should probably invest that money in your scouting network.

CaughtOffside Says: When a highly rated Brazilian goes from being linked to Manchester United to being linked to Middlesbrough, questions must be asked. He can balance the ball on his head, though.

CaughtOffside Says: Good to know, one of the most enjoyable things about football is seeing whether players can make the step up to Premiership football. Hopefully David Moyes will get in there and Everton can round out the clubs snatching at Tottenham’s 5th spot.

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