Should Manchester United Keep Alan Smith?

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Alan Smith has had a bit of a rocky time at Manchester United. Betraying his Leeds fans Joining from Leeds after their relegation, he was in and out of the side, played in midfield despite being promised he was being signed as a striker, and then having his leg exploded against Liverpool.

With Nani and Anderson suggesting 4-5-1 (or some single striker formation) next year at Old Trafford, or at least ridiculous competition for attacking positions – Smith may find his options limited up front. He didn’t really make the midfield ballwinner position his own when tried there, and the arrival of Owen Hargreaves means that’s taken as well.

And, apparently, Smith is not an idiot,

“If they are going to sell me, I’d like to know. But I won’t find out unless I get to speak to the manager,” Smith told The Sun.

“If you’re no longer wanted, then you have to consider your options.”

“I want to be out there from the start,” added Smith, who still has two years to run on his current United deal.

“If the manager tells me he wants me, I’m there for him. If he says he doesn’t, it’s time to move on.”

With such loyalty, Sir Alex may want to just tell him he needs him so he has the option of playing the young lad. But if Smith is up for grabs the usual suspects have already been named (Tottenham, Newcastle). He seems to have recovered well from his injury, and can be relied on to pop up with a few of goals, high work rate and team play. A sort of poor man’s Dirk Kuyt and the kind of striker almost every Premiership club could use, but we’ll see whether that includes Manchester United.