Who Dares Predict The Score For Opening Day?

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Well the Premier League has released their full list of fixtures for the 2007/2008 season. The most interesting pick of the bunch is easily Sam Allardyce’s return to Bolton with Newcastle while Tottenham face Sunderland in Roy Keane’s debut as a Premiership manager.

But while knowing who you’re playing is all well and good, the result is even better. And with the start of the season still months away we wanted to see what you thought those opening results would be. Come August 12th, we’ll revisit the comments here and shell out praise and glory as appropriate to those who got a few right. If you get all of them right, we might even give you £1 million. We say might, because we won’t.

The full fixtures are below for cut and paste ease:

Opening Day: 11 August.

Arsenal v Fulham
Aston Villa v Liverpool
Bolton v Newcastle
Chelsea v Birmingham
Derby v Portsmouth
Everton v Wigan
Man Utd v Reading
Middlesbrough v Blackburn
Sunderland v Tottenham
West Ham v Man City