Sheffield United Confident Of Extra West Ham Punishment

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While most people, especially anyone related to West Ham, have moved on from the whole Tevezcherano and fine/points deduction business it seems that Sheffield United chairman Kevin McCabe is firmly holding onto hope,

“I expect a reversal of the decision made when the tribunal opined in April,” he told Sky Sports News. “I’d like to believe Sheffield United will be reinstated into the Premier League.

“The first decision was wrong. It should have been a points deduction and not a monetary fine, and if that is the case then reinstatement for a club that’s not broken the rules should take place.

“If the arbitration were to go against us, and we firmly believe it won’t, then we have to accept that next season sees us in the Championship.

“The fixtures are nothing to do with Sheffield United. The Premier League issued the fixture list. That was their prerogative whether to issue them before or after the arbitration.”

COS reader Tim may have expressed similar sentiments, but at this point it would be very surprising to see Sheffield United return to the Premiership – especially at the expense of West Ham. The Hammers seem equally confident of their case, so it’s a matter of wait, see, and then laugh.