Tim: I Want West Ham Sent Down To The Conference!

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This time, COS reader Tim made us laugh this morning with this and so we thought it only fair to share. Don’t hurt him.

So tomorrow we find out whether the arbitration panel does what they should have done months ago, dock points and send them down a division, or in my opinion four, where their unethical stench won’t sting the nostrils of those who play fair!

In the pursuit of trying to cement their place in the prized Premiership they broke the rules, this can not be denied otherwise while were they dealt a slightly-worthless multi-million fine, and by doing so they stayed up. Without Tevez’s late heroics relegation would have beckoned. Cheating should be punishable by relegation as well. So in my opinion it should be a double relegation!

You’ve got to feel for Sheffield United, even with Boromir (Sean Bean) fighting their battles it seems that West Ham’s name may come before them and help the original impotent punishment stick. To fine a club a small percentage of what is on offer should that club stay in the Premiership seems incredibly stupid. The fact that they’ve got dodgy biscuit money pouring in from all corners makes the fine even more pointless.

It is important to remember that West Ham already pleaded guilty to breaking the rules, U.18 and B.13 to be exact, and when you consider that only a few years ago the Middlesbrough failed to take part in a match against Blackburn due to multiple illnesses, the club thought they had permission to not play the match, they were docked points and they were then relegated, why should West Ham get off so lightly? Especially when they are so fat and smelly.

The punishment didn’t fit the crime but the Premiership fixture lists are out and it is only a clear reminder of the harsh injustice dealt to Watford, Charlton and Sheffield United. and there are West Ham facing the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Man United when they should really be planning trips to Scunthorpe and Colchester (not a nice place).

Unfortunately I think the chances of a reprieve for Sheffield United are highly unlikely, mainly because there isn’t really a precedent for them to hang their case on. But this is even more reason for the Premiership committee to make a stand to make it clear that such a ill-gotten gains will not be tolerated and West Ham should be used to set an example for others. To the Conference, filth scum!

I want to see Carlos Tevez preparing to take a free-kick at Forest Green! Slipping over and then taking a good minute thinking about what he did to deserve this! It’s only fair.