Arsenal and Real Madrid Ponder The Lesser Of Two Evils

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Jose Antonio Reyes and Arsenal have hit the jackpot, after successfully whinging his way out of London for Real Madrid on loan, he’s enjoyed a spectacularly mediocre spell that left many wondering whether either club would really want him. But in La Liga’s final weekend he produced an inspired 14 minute spell where his goals brought the Spanish crown back to Madrid, and could lead to his permanent transfer to the La Liga champions. Reyes arrival on the pitch signaled a sea-change in fortunes for Real as they swept past Mallorca 3-1.

Jose’s only other involvement in the game should have seen him sent off as he attempted to cause ABH on a Real Mallorca midfielder who had dared to tackle the moaning Spaniard fairly, something Reyes has always protested against. But at least he seems to be happy again,

Jose told the Daily Mirror: “I hope they aren’t my last goals for Real.

“Maybe what has happened will convince the club they would like to keep me.”

Reyes added: “I’ve said many times what an honour it is to play for Real Madrid.

“I made Madrid champions and I’m so happy about that because this is the reason I came to the club.

“Scoring two goals to help us win the last game of the season when we needed a victory is a great feeling for me.”

Arsenal fans are sure to manage with life without JAR, his performances were patchy at best, most notably a purple patch of goals to begin the season a couple years ago, and damn right awful at worst, most notably diving all over the place and showing the resilience and determination of a small watermelon. Peter Hill-Wood will have his calculator out trying to work out how much more they can ask as a result of Reyes sudden impact. The Premiership will miss his class, his fleet of foot, and his accurate commentary on the state of England’s retail industry.

Interestingly, Julio Baptista has almost mirrored Reyes’ “success” during his period in the Premiership and even matched him whinge for whinge. So while it seemed that both clubs were just going to take their players back, Reyes is doing all he can to stay out of the Emirates.