Mourinho: Liverpool Have History, Chelsea Are Making It

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It’s always a good time when Premiership managers or players take the time to respond to rumours in the press, but it’s even better when they respond to the fans themselves,

“Liverpool fans can continue to chant ‘no history’ at us but we continue to make it,” Mourinho told the club’s official magazine. “They have their history, we have our history.

“They are a club with a history in Europe that Chelsea doesn’t have, and their history is magnificent, but I think for 17 years they don’t win one championship and we won two in the last three years.

“Of the 12 pieces of silverware in English football in the last three years, Chelsea won six, Liverpool two, Manchester United two and Arsenal two, so we won the same number of pieces of silverware that the other three clubs won all together. So I think we are going in the right direction.”

Jose has a point, a club should really be given a chance to build up a history and earn respect. Liverpool had to do it years ago, as did Manchester United, Arsenal, Spurs and anyone else who uses that jibe to wind up the Premier League’s nouveau elite. But while there may be a small part of Mourinho that believes speaking out like this will help rally Chelsea fans and force Liverpool supporters to run away with their tail between their legs, we imagine a much larger part of Mourinho is laughing with his mates and enjoying another good wind-up.