Manchester City Make Another Brilliant Business Decision

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The Manchester City board has accepted an £81.6million takeover bid by former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who seems to be trying to avoid going to jail by giving all his money to the Premiership club,

“I’m delighted that the board of Manchester City has receommended my bid for the club and I look forward to continuing the excellent work of John Wardle and his team.

“We share a determination to take this club back to its rightful place in both the Premier League and European football.

“I am in no doubt of the responsibility associated with leading Manchester City and pledge my support to the club, players and fans.”

Chelsea haters love to go on about how Abramovich’s dodgy money will catch up to him one day, with him being strangled outside of Lilywhites to leave the club high and dry. But while that seems less likely as each trophy is collected, Manchester City have gone out and happily accepted a takeover bid from someone who has been ordered back to Thailand to face criminal charges, and had a whole bunch of his assets frozen.

If the club does eventually end up being screwed by the former Thai PM’s allegedly criminal past, it will be a little hard not to laugh in their face and pour beer on their heads.