Newcastle’s Steven Taylor Is A Hero, And A Cheater.

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Fresh off a crushing 94-93 penalty loss to Holland, England U21 coach and former Manchester City boss Stuart Pearce is seeing nothing but positives.

The latest shining light of Jesus to emerge from the defeat is Newcastle defender Steven Taylor, who made a mockery of Blackburn baby David Bentley by playing through injury to represent his country and earn the title of World’s Greatest Living Human Being,

“He’s the closest to Terry Butcher I’ve seen,” Pearce told Sky Sports News.

“I met his father last night and the biggest recommendation I could probably give the kid is that if my son turned out to have a mentality like him, I’d be very, very proud of him.

“I can say no more about the boy.

“The beauty of working with these young lads is you get to know them inside out and as I say what a character this kid’s got, unbelievable.

“Ability wise he’s impressed me as well. Him and (Nedum) Onuoha have handled everything that’s been thrown at them.

“He’s an absolute credit to his football club and himself and his family.”

The notion of a man nicknamed “Psycho” giving your son a positive character evaluation aside, Steven Taylor is certainly an example to everyone. There is most definitely no video of evidence of him engaging in the most blatant cheating of the highest order against both Aston Villa and Charlton [Ed: It was United, actually.]

Definitely not.