Yossi Benayoun Is Desperate To Sign For Liverpool

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Not sure what is going on this transfer season, but there are a lot of moves that hit the pages and then everyone assumes they’ve come off despite the fact that they actually haven’t. Younes Kaboul and Darren Bent haven’t signed for Tottenham, Thierry Henry hasn’t abandoned Arsenal, and Yossi Benayoun still hasn’t swapped West Ham for Liverpool.

But not for the lack of trying, according to Yossi’s agent,

“We are still waiting,” Katzav told skysports.com.

“The deal is still in place with West Ham. We are waiting to see if the two clubs can come to an agreement.

“I am not going to say Yossi is desperate for a move at all, but it is only natural – any player in the world would be attracted by Liverpool.”

Yes, he isn’t ‘desperate’ for a move, we’re sure all the Hammers who were intending to relentlessly boo and jeer Benayoun upon his return to Upton park are now having a change of heart. No wonder agents earn the big bucks.