Arsenal Chairman Has No Idea What’s Going On

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All is not well at Chez Emirates, another average season (by their own high standards), David Dein leaves, Thierry Henry decides ‘sod this’ and gets out and now Arsene seems to be mulling over his options, so what now for North London’s best club?

Well Peter Hill-Wood is as confused as the rest of us, admitting he is clueless as to whether Arsene will sign a new contract of simply leave this summer or next. Stability is a word that used to sit well with Arsenal’s footballing philosophy both on and off the field, right now The Gunners are about as stable as a fat chick on a skateboard.

The club’s chairman is not buying Thierry’s reasons for leaving and is probably a little too candid about what the future holds for Arsenal,

He said: “I’ve no reason to think that he won’t – but at the same time I have no reason to believe he will say yes.”

He added: “I am not particularly worried about what Thierry said but whether it really influenced his decision or not we will have to wait and see.

“We certainly don’t think Thierry Henry going and Arsene Wenger’s contract situation are in any way linked. That was just an excuse.”

He said: “I am really hopeful he will extend but at this moment I am only in a position of hoping.
“I’ve no reason to think that he won’t but at the same time I have no reason to believe he will say yes. Certainly we would like to see him sign a new contract – we have made no secret about that.

“But we have not talked any details about anything with him or the board. We will wait and see what he wants to do. Then we can sit down and discuss things if he is positive about it. I am very relaxed. We are in good shape.”

Hill-Wood revealed he has not met with American tycoon Stan Kroenke since their meeting in New York recently.

Kroenke has a 12.19% stake in the club and is expected to mount a full takeover bid but that prospect is another area of uncertainty.

“I have not heard anything further from him since we met,” said Hill-Wood.

Cheers for that, Pete. Or not. We don’t really know. Or do we?