Sheperd Screws Newcastle From The Grave

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Ok, so Freddy Sheperd technically isn’t dead, but while he’s no longer in charge of affairs at the club his influence continues to be felt in the form of poorly negotiated transfer deals. Everyone knows that Michael Owen could leave for Liverpool for a pint and a bag of chips, and it appears that Obafemi Martins has a 13 million release clause that the likes of Arsenal are pondering activating.

Sam Allardyce is a bit miffed,

: “All I can say from the club’s point of view and mine is that it is only speculation because we have had no official contact from anybody at Arsenal at the moment.

“Everybody knows about the clause situation he has – that leaves us in a very poor position as a football club.

“We are left in a very precarious position regarding that. All the speculation that is flying around is difficult to cope with, but it is something we will have to try to find out over the next few days.

“When Oba comes back, we will sit down and say, ‘What exactly is the situation?’ and if he has any problems, try to resolve them and hopefully persuade him Newcastle is the place for him next season.”

Maybe the players both demanded get-out clauses or else they would not grace St. James Park. Or maybe Sheperd negotiated shocking deals that left the club vulnerable when it comes to their prized assets. We know which one we’re leaning towards.