Carlos Tevez To Keep West Ham et al Waiting Till July

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Swisha is helping keep tabs on the whirlwind of transfer rumours, this time picking up on future of West Ham’s (?) Carlos Tevez.

Carlos Tevez was no doubt a big impact on the Premiership this year and proved that he can definitely keep up with the pace of the league, single handedly keeping West Ham up. After establishing the big buzz for himself in the top flight, its only natural that the big guns came calling. Of course West Ham are trying as hard as they can to sign him back to the team but the lure of Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool is hard to ignore for Tevez. He is focused on playing in the Copa America right now, which means we won’t get an answer until the middle of July. Given how competitive the transfer market is now with so many big spenders, this isn’t the best of news for clubs trying to plan their summer spending.

Certainly Manchester United don’t need another player so similar to Wayne Rooney and with the capture of Nani and Anderson, have plenty of options in attack already. I’m sure he would love to play with Mascherano at Liverpool (something Alan Pardew should have done to keep his job) so Benitez is in with a good shout there. I honestly think Arsenal needs him most and playing alongside Fabregas would definitely be a good look for the gunners and the added skill would help seeing how Henry has jumped ship to Barcelona. He really doesn’t need to go back to West Ham. Their odds of winning the Prem in the next few years are about as good as C. Ronaldo’s chances are of not diving ever again.

But any way you cut it, having to wait until mid July is not cool.