Spurs For The Title? Impossible.

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Apparently Spurs can’t realistically challenge for the title. It’s out of their grasp. Utterly impossible.

Big Martin Jol himself has bravely revealed that the top of the pile is a bit too high for Tottenham at the moment, with no word that 15 other Premiership managers are about to send out similarly blindingly obvious press releases.

However the increasingly large and angry-looking manager is tipping his side to make a push for the top four, something that has appeared on every blog and news website from Alaska to Zaire.

“For me as a manager it would be important to win the title, not the FA Cup. But it’s impossible at Spurs,” Jol told the Daily Mirror.

“Top four though, say if one club falls out of the top four, Liverpool or Arsenal, why shouldn’t we take up that position? Why not?”

“I’d like to stay for another three years, which would make it six years in total. That would be marvellous because on average Spurs managers last 16 to 18 months.”

That famed Dutch honesty that those prone to broad generalisations are always telling us about has kicked in nicely. Spurs have no chance whatsoever of winning the league, its a done deal, don’t waste your money on it whatever the odds are and certainly don’t tell your children to keep their hopes up. It’s over.

Of course, the more worrying part of that quote may be that Martin Jol only wants to put in another three years at the club. Plenty of him to finally crack the big four, and not at all enough time for him to bring the Glory Days back to Tottenham. Given how crap most of Spurs’ managerial appointments have been, this is the last thing they need.