Manchester United Are Absolutely Minted

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Remember back when the Glazer’s first took over United? Everyone from their rivals to their own supporters banged on about how much debt they would incur, how much it would affect their ability to compete with Chelsea and other big spenders in the transfer market?

Well apparently they’re close to picking up Carlos Tevez for around 20 million, presumably paid via a brown sack full of cash to some dodgy bloke in an alleyway who found Tevez’ registration in a dumpster, and taking Sir Alex’s spending to approximately £1 kabllion.

Many folks have claimed that Tevez is a silly signing as they already have Rooney who is the same mold, but we really don’t see what the problem is. Rooney’s was overshadowed by Cristiano Ronaldo last season and his inconsistent ability to run a game has prevented him from being elevated into the truly World Class category (now, not potentially). If Sir Alex thinks that being able to rotate and rest Rooney for a player who is similar in playstyle and talent then its probably the right thing to do. Plus, this whole business about having players who are too similar is a bit of nonsense. If you have smart players and tactics designed to accommodate both players, then you’re alright.