Steven Gerrard Is A Teenage Rebel

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Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard isn’t one to shy away from a bit of letting someone else write for him and pretending he’s smart thoughtful prose, and this time there are some interesting quotes in The Guardian from his new book Steven Gerrard: My Autobiography

“The manager is big on team spirit and he thought a night out would do us good. ‘But I want you all back by midnight’, he added. I felt immediately that this was a bit of a mistake on Rafa’s behalf. If the manager had just left the time open, the players would have come in at a sensible hour. We went out quite late, which meant we were always going to struggle to meet Rafa’s deadline. He should have given us more leeway. The decision came back to haunt him.”

Err… so if Rafa had not given them a deadline, then they would have come in at a normal hour but because he told them to be home by midnight they ended up going on an all-night bender? We supposed that’s the price you pay for replacing all of your experienced, professional athletes with some angst-ridden teenage hoodies you found down by the local kebab shop.

We can only imagine that more sensationalist language is to come from Stevie G, and it’ll be interesting to see whether Benitez takes it all with a grain of salt or goes all Sir Alex on his arse.