Rufus: Jamie Carragher The Highly Paid Sunday League Footballer

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This time, COS reader and apparent Carragher-Hater Rufus couldn’t be happier to hear the Liverpool defender is putting an end to his England career.

So Jamie Carragher is so infuriated at being behind the likes of Tottenham’s Ledley King and part-time Manchester United footballer Wes Brown in the England defensive queue that he has decided to ‘throw his toys out of the pram’ and call time on his international career (if you can call what he has done thus far for England a career that is).

Now don’t get my wrong if i found myself behind Chelsea’s John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Middlesbrough’s Jonathan Woodgate, Ledley King and even afformentioned sorry excuse for a pro Wes Brown, i too would be angered, in fact i would be livid i would even consider hiring someone to do Steve McClaren-in (Terry Marsh style). However at some point during the thought process that went around Jamie C’s brain must have remembered that he himself is hardly the bees knees himself.

There are some who are fooled into thinking that because someone runs around like a blue arsed fly for 90 minutes hitting every ball out of the ground (forget those in Row Z, they are quite safe, low flying aircraft on the other hand should steer clear of Anfield of any other green field that this nutcase finds himself doing a fantastic impression of a chicken sans head), i am not one of them. What he gives in perspiration he takes away in ……ability!

Bootle Boy Carragher is very much the Sunday league footballer who has found himself being paid obscene amounts of money for basically doing what a drug crazed Chimp could be trained to do. He has no finesse, he has no ball control, he loves to score own-goals, and apparently he is still the holder of a Champions League Winners medal as Liverpool fans will constantly tell you, however winning a medal doesn’t necessarily equate to deserving one, the Reds let in three goals in the first half and without casting my mind back to much i am fairly certain that Jamie would have figured in them being conceded. Remember, Roque Junior is a World Cup winner.

I have to say though it was amusing listening to Talksports Adrian Durham trying hard to not appear shocked/scared when Jamie C called in and took offence to being called a ‘bottler’ and you have to give credit to Mr Carragher having the guts to call in and plead his case, however if you are of the opinion that his decision to retire from International football is one that is long overdue why not join this group of likeminded football fans

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