Liverpool’s Carragher Is No Bottler, Just Realistic

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This time, COS reader and Jack responds to Adrian Durham’s criticism of Jamie Carragher. Oh, and probably Rufus too.

I find the accusations of Adrian Durham that Jamie Carragher is a ‘Bottler’ to be hilariously Ironic. Bottlers, Mr Durham, do not step up and take a penalty in a world cup quater final. Bottlers do not continue running in the last minutes of extra time despite having cramp in both legs.

Jamie Carragher is not a bottler. He is one of the worlds best defenders, who has decided that club is significantly better than others. And he isnt alone in the feeling. Ask anyone in the North West if they feel the ‘Three Lions’ spirit and you’ll find an answer that sounds roughly like no. By releasing himself from international duty, and the heavy training and flying that comes with it he will give himself another year minimum at the top level for his club.

Who can blame Jamie for being disillusioned with the England set up? Versatility can be a double edged sword – Just ask Gerrard who is forced to play DM because Lampard couldnt put a tackle in if the prize was a sausage roll. Carragher can accept being understudy for Ferdinand and Terry as they are both incredible Centre Backs. It is just insulting however, to throw in King who has just come back from a lengthly injury. Its a low blow for a defender who has proved himself against the very best Europe has to offer. What has King or Woodgate ever done in Domestic football? The answer amounts to nothing. And then McClaren goes and upstages himself by putting the distinctively average CB Wes Brown ahead of Carragher at RB.

Congratulations Carragher on doing what the majority of Liverpool fans already feel and sticking two fingers up to the National team.