Sir Alex laughs in Mourinho’s face. Again!

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Never kid a kidder, Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has obviously got delusions of grandeur as he attempts to unsettle mind-game master Manchester United boss Sir Alex yet again, claiming the red-nosed Scot is under pressure due to the vast spending spree that the Glazers have funded this summer. Given what’s happened since Abramovich arrived in the Premiership, this seems a bit rich (hoho!) coming from a Chelsea boss who has accumulated players like a rabid dog collects fleas.

Given Sir Alex’s ability to virtually end careers with his own brand of mind games, his impact on Kevin Keegan was the pièce de résistance of the art form, we’re not sure how smart it is for Jose to continue the verbal fisticuffs.

Sir Alex responded to Sky,

“It’s an amazing statement actually,” Ferguson told Sky Sports News. “I don’t think he knows I’ve been here for 20 years.

“Whether he is trying to transfer some of the pressure – maybe he’s under pressure himself, I don’t know.

“I thought it was quite funny.”

A perfect response from the man who has reinvented himself as the league’s nonchalant winner. Cool and calm, he knows he’s been winning trophies and fending off rival manager’s taunts since Mourinho was a trainee translator at Barcelona. With United trumping Chelsea in the league last year, and in the transfer market this summer (at least in terms of spend), next season can’t come soon enough for us – and we suspect these two as well.