West Ham Boss Curbishley Is Deeply Hurt And Upset At Sir Alex And Benayoun For Some Reason

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West Ham gaffer and balding-child lookalike Alan Curbishley has taken some time to have a go at Manchester United gaffer Sir Alex for his recent comments, and Yossi Benayoun for his recent departure to Liverpool,

“I was a bit disappointed with Alex’s comments about Tevez keeping us up,” Curbishley told the Sunday Express.

“There were ten other players out there and a lot of them were big performers for us.

“There was a lot more going on that just Carlos Tevez. Every day has been a Tevez day for the last two months.

“I have kept my own counsel and got on with it. But I was disappointed to hear Alex say that.

“I expect we are going to Austria and he is not going to be with us.

“But please don’t keep talking to me about Tevez because there is nothing I can do about it.”

While, yes, there were 10 others putting in a hard graft to get the Hammers out of a bind – most notably the late re-emergence of Mark Noble – were Ferguson’s point about Tevez’ importance really that out of line? The Argentinian inspired the side with his play and determination, as well as scoring goals aplenty including the winner at Old Trafford on the final day. We understand that Curbsy may have wanted to give his other players due credit, and play down the importance or Carlito, but when it comes to Sir Alex people have been killed for less. Like asking to share some of his whiskey or insinuating that Scotland is not the world’s leading provider of technological innovation.

The Hammers chief believes Benayoun was happy to stay at the club until he heard of Liverpool’s interest.

“I was disappointed with Yossi because he had signed a new contract and it turns out he hadn’t,” added Curbishley.

“When Liverpool came in for him it changed everything.

“I didn’t want Yossi to go and we didn’t need the business.”

Yes, such betrayal. An analogous situation might be when a manager abandons his club while still in contract, leading to their relegation, and then takes up a sweet job at another team for more money and a chance to manage a bigger club on a bigger stage.

But no one would do that, it’s just an example. Yossi is a selfish bugger.