Julian Faubert Joining West Ham Is “Unspeakably Stupid”

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Raymond Domenech already has one arch-nemesis in the Premiership in Arsene Wenger, but he’s probably made a few million more with his latest comments regarding Julian Faubert’s decision to join West Ham from Bordeaux,

“I can’t understand Faubert’s decision to join West Ham,” said the France manager.

“I struggle to understand why he has done it. It is a great pity when you are on the brink of the French national team.”

“It is OK if they are joining one of the top four in England, Germany, Italy or Spain,” he said.

“But it is unspeakably stupid to join a club outside of those few, apart from the financial point of view.”

It’s hardly new to see international managers telling their lads what to do in their club careers. Sven was rumoured to have told Sol Campbell to leave Tottenham for Arsenal in order to improve his England chances.

But this seems to be a recurring theme for West Ham, for whom very little has yet to go right in the past 18 months or so. When Carlos Tevezcherano first arrived their Argentina coach told them they should bugger off as soon as possible. Domenech seems to be insinuating that Faubert just chased the cash, which wouldn’t put him out of place with popular opinion these days.

Despite the utter sh*tstorm of bad press that Upton Park has gotten ever since the biscuit men arrived, it may actually help to galvanise the squad to prove their doubters wrong next season. Or… or it might distract them completely and cause an utter collapse.

Either way, fun times lay ahead.