Cesc Fabregas Thinks Arsenal Can Win The Title. Good On Him.

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Cesc Fabregas has one eye on the Arsenal captaincy, and he’s starting his campaign off on the right foot by bigging up his club’s chances in spite of losing Thierry Henry,

“We are Arsenal,” he told the club’s official website. “We are one of the most important teams in Europe.

“Definitely we have to be fighting for the title because it would not be Arsenal if we are not doing this.”

He added: “Collectively this side is very good. That is what we have to keep showing to ourselves, that we are good enough to fight for everything.”

“Thierry has been really, really important to this club over the past eight years.

“We have scored a lot of goals because of him but now he is gone and we have to move on. We wish him all the best at Barcelona.

“But we have a great set of world-class players. We should not have a problem if we are all going the same way 100 per cent.

“But of course we know that Thierry will be a big miss.”

So some wise, if not slightly rose tinted, views from the youngster. Good to hear a footballer expressing a reasoned, thoughtful opinion with more than usual bile that they can be the result of a post match interview/autobiography with your average ‘No O-levels’ England star.

You almost believe him about Arsenal’s title chances and the ‘world class’ quality allegedly rife throughout the squad. Almost…